Rare Cinnamon Brown Ragdoll Cat Price,Lifespan, and Care Tips

Different colors of ragdoll cats are available in the market. The brown cinnamon ragdoll cat is a very rare and beautiful cat breed. Brown ragdoll cat is not new, it has been there since the origin of traditional ragdoll. Both solid and pointed colors originated from a female named Josephine. Black Ragdoll cat is also considered rare

Cinnamon Ragdoll cat

Cinnamon Ragdoll cat is also called brown ragdoll cats. Its fluffy fur and beautiful dark appearance make it a fascinating pet. They love meeting new people. They become friendly with strangers very quickly, which is why they are also called puppy cats. Ragdolls are a very intelligent breed and they adapt to new habits very quickly. Brown ragdoll cats also know how to express their feelings well. When hungry, they roam around their food bowl. They make eye contact and express their trust in you by blinking their eyes.
brown ragdoll cat price

The Cinnamon Brown Ragdoll cat is considered to be the rarest among the pet feline family. There is a high possibility that you may not have seen a Ragdoll cat brown till date. Its low availability and high demand make its price higher than any other pointed Ragdoll. Talking about cinnamon ragdoll cat price, it can be around 1000 $ to 2500 $

  • Ragdoll brown should be purchased or adopted from a good breeder with good market credibility.
  • Female brown ragdoll cat price: 800 $ to 2500 $
  • Male brown ragdoll cat price: 1000 $ to 2500 $

Chocolate brown ragdoll cat-size

Cinnamon Ragdoll cat

In size, it is similar to its traditional cousin. Its overall height is 20 – 30 cm (9-11 inches) and its length is 40 to 50 cm (18-21 inches). Their size makes them adorable

weight of a brown ragdoll cat

Brown ragdoll cats are large and heavy-boned. They weigh more than a normal house cat. In ragdolls, females are also equal in size to males. Both males and females weigh around 12 – 20 pounds (4.5 – 9 kg)
cinnamon brown ragdoll cat lifespan

Brown Ragdoll cat is a rare mutation. Known for its gentle nature and royal look. Brown Ragdoll cat is a rare mutation. Known for its gentle nature and royal look. It lives for a very long time. You have more than one decade to create a strong bond with it. The average lifespan of a Brown Ragdoll is 12 to 18 years.

brown ragdoll kitten

brown ragdoll kitten

It is very important to take special care of the ragdoll brown kitten till the first 4 weeks of birth. Because till this time they are very sensitive to diseases. By the age of 12 weeks, their weight becomes 1.8 pounds (700-900 grams). Initially, their weight is 1.8 pounds (700-900 grams). The chocolate brown ragdoll kitten is light cinnamon brown at birth but with growing age, it becomes darker like chocolate brown. Buying a brown ragdoll kitten can be expensive. Its price can be from 1200 $ to 3500 $ (more than one lakh rupees).

Watching it grow with its mischievous and playful antics is worth the price of buying it. The relationship and permanent bond that you form by raising a brown ragdoll kitten is difficult to form with an adult brown cinnamon ragdoll cat.

brown ragdoll kitten diet

This is a large cat breed. Brown Ragdoll kittens need more food as they grow older. Make sure that their meal contains the necessary nutrition and essential amino acids so that their fluffy fur and charm remain intact. Timely vaccination by a veterinarian protects them from diseases. Grooming should be inculcated in them from childhood itself so that they become easy-to-care pets. The fur of a Brown Ragdoll kitten becomes fully grown by the age of 4 years.

Care and diet of a brown ragdoll cat

Brown Ragdoll is very calm and gentle. Among the long-haired cats, it is called a low-maintenance cat because it finds its own means of play and entertainment. If you are busy in your daily routine and cannot give time to your cat, then you should keep some interactive toys for them or a sibling pet with them. It becomes friendly with dogs and other pets very quickly. You just need to introduce it carefully for the first time so that it becomes independent for interaction. It loves to play with balls and other cat toys.

Still, my personal experience is that you should pay more attention to your brown ragdoll cat so that it will be happier and healthier and work as your stress buster on a stressful day.

  • The diet of Brown Ragdolls should contain the essential amino acid taurine to maintain the shine and health of their silky fur.
  • This is a breed with heavy bones, therefore, it is necessary to have calcium recommended by the veterinarian in their meal.
  • If you use commercial wet food, do not change the brand frequently as this may upset their stomach
  • Grooming a Brown Ragdoll Cat should be done at least 2 times a week

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