Ragdoll Cat Grooming Tips | Techniques for Keeping Their Coat Beautiful and Healthy

Because of their cuteness, everyone loves to keep cats as pets and when it comes to mesmerizing beauty, Ragdoll is one of the top cat breeds. Because of its beauty and friendly nature, it is also called a puppy-like cat. Ragdolls are single-coat cats, due to which the ragdoll cat grooming requirement of a Ragdoll cat is less compared to other long-haired cats like Himalayan and Siberian. They need grooming at least Once or twice a week a week. They shed in the spring, so a little more grooming may be required at that time.

how to groom a ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cat on wooden floor

Ragdolls have a single coat with no undercoat. Their coat is smooth, silky, and soft, so they have fewer tangles. This is why ragdoll cat grooming needs is less than another cousin long-haired cats. But among shorthair cats, ragdoll is the one that sheds the most.

1. Getting into the habit of grooming

Long-haired ragdoll kittens do not require much brushing for the first few months. Because their fur grows fully when they are 4 years old. Ragdolls are very friendly creatures. Just like dogs, they like to stay near their owner. Some cats are not familiar with the brush and are afraid of brushing. The best way to end their fear and hesitation is to start brushing them when they are 5-6 months old.

  • Ragdolls also come in the category of long-haired cats like Persians, whose long fur needs grooming throughout their life to avoid tangling. An adult cat is not able to adopt any new habit quickly, especially brushing and grooming.

2. Start by scratching their head

Scratching the head and neck with fingers is every cat’s favorite activity. During this time, it feels very relaxed and comfortable. Before making it a habit of brushing, you have to make your Ragdoll kitten sit on your lap and scratch below its head and neck with fingers, then you have to start the brush from below the chin. Use this trick for the first 3-4 days, then slowly brush the rest of the body when it becomes comfortable.

3. Encourage with treats

cat treats

Praise and reward for a good job done is a good motivation. You should encourage your Ragdoll by giving him treats after every ragdoll cat grooming session. This has a positive effect on your cat. This technique is also used by professionals during feline’s training.

4. Make grooming sessions entertaining for them

Whatever the age of your Ragdoll, it is important to make the grooming process fun for them so that they avoid boredom. Give them a break after brushing and play with them for a while. Get their attention with an interactive game, ball, or toy.

5. Start brushing from difficult areas

New cat owners often make the mistake of starting grooming from the cat’s back and then moving on to the belly and other difficult areas. It becomes difficult to keep it sitting in one place for a long time. Ragdolls do not have many tangles on their waists, so they need less brushing.

Armpits, belly, and legs area have more tangled hair. Start with the legs and belly so that after a few times of brushing, by the time they start feeling irritated, you have covered the most tangled areas.

Ragdoll Grooming Brush

Ragdoll cat brushing

Always use the right brush. The belly skin of Ragdolls is very delicate. As I mentioned earlier, Ragdolls do not have any undercoat, so brushes with sharp stainless steel bristles can damage their skin. Ragdolls naturally have a silky and smooth coat that can be groomed well with a soft bristle brush or a butter comb is the best grooming brush for ragdoll cats.

best grooming brush for ragdoll cats

5 steps to groom a ragdoll cat

1. Nails: Cats have very sharp and long nails which can inadvertently hurt you during a grooming session. Always trim your cat’s nails before starting grooming. If you are struggling with your cat while trimming its nails, you can use a collar that covers the cat’s neck and face which will calm it down a bit.

  • A proper pet nail cutter that has edges according to the cat’s nails.
  • Do not cut the nail from the root because there are blood veins there. Cut only the white tip of the nail

2. Ears cleaning: Dirt causes mites to grow in the ears. This causes itching in the ears of ragdolls. You can clean their ears with a soft wet cloth or soft tissue. You can also use a liquid solution. Make sure to clean their ears once or twice a week.

  • Cotton earbuds are not safe for them

3. Teeth Cleaning: They should use good toothpaste to avoid gum problems. Brushing should be done once daily.

Ragdoll cat teethbrush

3. Comb and Brushing: It plays a very major role in grooming. It is very important to untangle their hair before bathing them. Because wet hair gets tangled more. Wherever there are knots in the hair, you can untangle them with a mat splitter.

5. Bathing: Ragdolls are low-maintenance cats, bathing them twice a month is sufficient. You should start bathing them after 6 months of age. When they become adults, you will not have to struggle to bathe them. While bathing, make sure that water does not go into their ears and nose. Clean the face with a wet cloth. Dirt collects near the eyes, it is very important to clean it.

Ragdoll cat grooming

Can Ragdolls survive in India?

Ragdolls easily survive in the Indian environment. Ragdoll kittens whose parents belong to India are adapted to the Indian environment from birth. In some parts of India where the temperature goes above 40 degrees during the summer season, they may need AC.
If you do not have the facility of AC, then also you should have shade area and a fan for them. There should be a provision of fresh water for them at all times.

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