Himalayan Cat Care and Grooming Tips for Keeping Your Himmie Happy and Healthy

Yes, Himalayan Cat Care can indeed be a little difficult. But I feel that I can do anything to raise such a royal and beautiful creature. It is not possible that anyone would not fall in love with this beautiful cat. Himalayan is a high-maintenance cat. it requires daily brushing, Care, and lots of attention. You shall take good care of their food, entertainment, comfort, health, and grooming.

I have read and learned a lot about them over the years and I will provide all the information to you. It is also known by another popular name which is himmie. it is known for its flat face, luxurious coats, and beautiful blue eyes.

Himalayan Cat Care

Himalayan cats are more susceptible to disease than any other cat. This is the reason why they need more care. But if you keep some things in mind then it will be easy for you to raise Himmie.


It is very important to provide high-quality food that contains good nutrition and adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrates.

The immune system of these cats is very sensitive. Changing their diet frequently can cause loose motion and other stomach diseases. To keep their long Fur healthy, include taurine and Omega-3 in their diet.
According to the veterinarian’s advice, you can also add calcium to their food.

Cat hairball

Hairball: All cats keep their bodies clean by licking themselves. While doing this it swallows some hairs. As more hairs accumulate, they form a ball in their stomach. It’s very natural to have hairballs. Cats often slip out hairballs. But sometimes it gets stuck in their throat which can cause them to cough and have trouble breathing. To avoid problems like hairballs, do daily grooming and brushing of your Himalayans.

Himalayan cat grooming

Himalayan cat care and grooming

Hemmies need lots of grooming for their shiny coat to prevent hairballs and other bacterial infections.
Brush your cat daily

Brush your Himalayan once a day. If you don’t do this, their fur can get tangled, and with matted fur, your cat’s nature becomes very irritating and you also have to face frustration in dealing with the fur. Use a brush or comb made of stainless steel, which will make your job easier.

The neck is a sensitive part of cats where they like to be scratched and brushed. Always start brushing from the Neck, then slowly move to its back, and then brush its belly and tail as well.
Inculcate the habit of brushing from an early age, so that your cat will become habitual of getting brushed.

  • Do not bathe a cat with matted hair
  • Use a steel-toothed comb or brush.

Teeth Care

Cat Teeth cleaning
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To Avoid oral diseases, teeth cleaning is a very important part of Himalayan cat care to keep your himalayam’s teeth healthy. If you make Himalayan a habit of getting brushed from a young age, then he will not face any problem in getting brushed later on.

  • Do not use human toothpaste even by mistake. It is toxic for cats. Use only vet-recommended cat brush and cat toothpaste.
  • Clean your Himmie’s teeth at least once a day. You can also use brushing toys for this.

Eyes Cleaning

Cats eyes cleaning
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  • Due to having a flat face, dust gets collected near their eyes which can later lead to infection. Be sure to clean the area around the Himalayan cat’s eyes once or twice a day.
  • Keep in mind to use a wet cloth while cleaning the eyes.
  • Don’t forget to dry the area after cleaning.

Nails Care

Himalayan cat nails
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  • Outdoor cat shortens its nails by scratching on the trunk of the tree. But Indore cats cannot do this on their own, so we have to cut their nails.
  • Use a nail trimmer and if you want to cut their nails manually then keep in mind that you only cut the tip of the nail which is white and do not cut the pink colored part.
  • Cats relieve stress by scratching their nails, so provide a scratch pad or Scratch tower.

Ears cleaning

Cat ears cleaning
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  • Whenever a Himalayan scratches excessively at the root of the ears and repeatedly licks his head, it is a sign that it may have wax or mites in its ears.
  • Ear mites are a big problem in the Himalayas. This problem can be avoided by cleaning the ears of the Himalayas once a week.

Bathing a Himalayan cat

Hemmies likes to take baths in lukewarm water. If you bathe them in the right way then you will not have to struggle much in bathing them. Most of all, you have to keep in mind that while bathing, water and shampoo should not get into their eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

How to Bath a Hemmie Step-By-Step

Step 1: Trim your Himalayan’s nails properly so that he does not harm you due to stress while bathing.
Step 2. Brush thoroughly before bathing so that there are no tangled hairs.
Step 3: You can trim the extra hair below the Paws, but make sure to trim only the surface area, not between the toes.

Step 4: First wet Himalaya’s legs with Lukeworm water and then his back so that he will sit peacefully. Your cat may come under stress due to the sudden pouring of water on the head and back.
Step 5: Use good quality cat’s shampoo. Keep in mind that do not apply the shampoo directly on Himalayan’s fur. You have to dilute it in water and slowly pour it on the fur. Gentle Rub the shampoo into the cat’s scalp to remove all the dirt.

Step 6: Clean the Himalayan’s face with wet cotton or cloth. Do not pour water directly on the face as it may cause water to enter their nose and ears.
Step 7: Due to the Long Fur, it may be a little difficult to get the shampoo out of their Furr, but you should take time and thoroughly rinse the shampoo out with water.

Step 8: Use a Shammy towel Instead of a regular towel. Because it absorbs 90% water compared to another regular towels.
Step 10: Dry the Himalayan hair properly with a hair dryer. It is a very sensitive cat, so use the flat nozzle of the dryer. Use a round nozzle for the face.

Step 11: Clean the Himalaya’s ears from the inside with the help of earbuds or cotton.
Step 12: Trim their butt hair with a trimmer to avoid the risk of bacteria and infection

can you shave a Himalayan cat?

Their chest and abdomen area are very sensitive. The skin there is also very delicate. There are chances of getting hurt by the trimmer, Additionally, cats’ hair helps to protect them from infection and radiation from direct sunlight. hence I do not advise you to shave your Himalayans. You can trim its hair carefully in summer, which will provide relief from heat and also from tangled hair.

Do Himalayan cats need haircuts?

However, if you want to lightly cut their hair for grooming, then do not use the trimmer directly on the matted hair. First, you should brush the matted hair and untangle it with a stainless steel brush or comb, then use the trimmer to reduce the chances of getting injured.

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Can you shave a Himalayan cat at home?


Do Himalayan cats get darker?

As they grow older, the color of their ears, paws, faces, and tails becomes dark.

What color Himalayan cat is rare?

Lilac point


I hope you liked this article, I have covered all the important points related to Himalayan cat grooming. In the beginning, you may find it difficult the care for and grooming of this fluffy ball, but do not get frustrated, it is a very calm and gentle cat. With regular grooming, it becomes comfortable, which makes your work easier.

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