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I am Saral Kumar, a 27-year-old passionate blogger and animal rescuer. My journey of love for animals started with raising a cat which gradually turned into love and compassion for all animals. Through this platform, I want to give information about cat breeds to all cat lovers and inspire them by sharing my experiences.

Cats are mysterious pets whose behavior is a bit complex to understand. My mission is to help you understand their behavior. I have been raising cats for many years. I will make you aware of their heart-warming stories and the problems that you too may have to face in the initial days of being a cat parent and will offer my advice. I sincerely hope that you will find a solution to all your problems here so that you can build a deep and long companionship with your feline friend.

Join me in this journey of discovery and together we will build a community where we can explore amazing things related to cats and deepen our thinking to understand their needs. I have started this blog to guide all those cat owners who have just started keeping them and those who have been keeping them for a long time and are facing problems.

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