Ragdoll kitten price 2024 | Care tips for new owners

Ragdolls are adorable pets. Their playful manners and calm temperament make them a favorite of their owners. Although Ragdoll cats can be trained at any age, purchasing or adopting them at an early age strengthens your bond with them over time. The first thought that will come to your mind while buying a cat is the Ragdoll kitten price.

how much does a ragdoll kitten cost

Ragdoll kitten prices depend on many factors. From which breeder you are buying it and which city you are buying it from, this can cause a difference in the price. Ragdoll kitten price range can be from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000. In some rare types of ragdoll kitten cost can be even more, it can go up to Rs. 50,000.

Some important points before buying a Ragdoll kitten

  • Ragdoll kitten males are more expensive than females.
  • The kitten should be properly vaccinated. Be sure to get a chart of upcoming vaccinations from the breeder
  • The kitten should be at least 45 days old.
  • Ask the breeder about the kitten’s parents to see if they have any chronic diseases.
  • Make sure to confirm the gender of the Ragdoll kitten
  • Kittens’ teeth are in the growing stage, so give them wet food instead of dry food.
  • check the certification of the pedigree of the kitten.
  • purchase ragdoll kittens only from a reputable breeder.

how much food should a ragdoll kitten eat?

how long to feed ragdoll kitten food

Most importantly, do not give your Ragdoll kitten cow’s milk as it can upset their stomach and cause diarrhea. Kittens can easily chew and digest jelly or wet food. A good amount of nutrition and essential amino acids in their food help in their growth. When your Ragdoll turns 1 year old, you can stop giving them kitten food and shift them to adult food.

ragdoll kitten on chair

ragdoll kitten characteristics

The pointed markings of the Ragdoll are light in childhood but their face gets darker as they grow older. Their relaxed and friendly nature towards humans makes them an excellent pet. They understand human emotions very well. Their face is dark bluish grey and their paws look as if they are wearing white socks.
These cats are as friendly with children as they are with adult humans. Their biggest demand is attention and if they do not get it, they feel lonely. They are gentle with all other pets in the house and rarely look aggressive. Their long and thick coat makes them look like a cotton ball.

  • It likes to be around its owner and due to its loyal nature it is also called a puppy-like cat.
sleeping ragdoll cat

Ragdoll kitten behavior

When the Ragdoll is relaxed and comfortable it shows affection by rolling its back on the floor and going to sit on its owner’s lap. For the first few days, your kitten may get a little upset or stop eating and drinking as it takes time to adjust to the new environment but in 3-4 days it becomes normal and moves around the house with its curiosity.

Grooming is their daily requirement. They should be brushed with a soft bristle brush from an early age to inculcate the habit of grooming. Sometimes Ragdoll kittens scratch the furniture in your house. This is their natural behavior. You can fulfill this need of theirs with a scratching post and your furniture will also be saved from getting damaged.

ragdoll kitten eye discharge

Sometimes watery discharge starts coming out of the eyes of Ragdoll kittens. You may clean it using cotton. cloth. If this discharge is happening regularly, it could also be conjunctivitis which is common in kittens. You can take them to your nearest veterinarian who may prescribe some antibiotics to cure it. You have to keep in mind that if you have more than one kitten, keep the infected kitten separate from the others because it is contagious.

ragdoll kitten eyes cleaning

Ragdoll kitten eye discharge home remedy

Clean the discharge from the kitten’s eyes gently. Dip a piece of cotton in water, then squeeze it a little and gently clean the tips of the eyes and the area near the nose. Do not use any human eye drops or solution. As soon as you notice a discharge coming out of the kitten’s eyes, flush it as it can cause more infection if it stays in the eye for a long time. If this discharge does not stop coming out even after regular cleaning, you should visit a certified veterinarian.

when to spay ragdoll kitten

Spaying or neutering is very important for the health of the kitten and this has been proven in many scientific studies. It is better to get the kitten spayed/neutered after 5 months. Most veterinarians also recommend this because after 5 months of age, the cat becomes mature and its first heat cycle starts. This happens earlier in cats than in dogs.

Ragdoll kitten price

Benefits of Spay/Neuter

1. Your cat will live longer.
2. The bleeding will stop.
3. Your cat will be protected from infections that occur during breeding.
4. Pet overpopulation will be avoided.
5. Aggressive behavior during heat will be avoided.
6′ You will not have to face the urine spray smell on walls and furniture during the heat by the male.
7. If your cat goes outdoors, there will be no risk of unwanted breeding.

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