Ragdoll Cat price | maintenance, Rare colour and grooming tips

If you are a cat lover or are interested in cats, you must have heard or seen the ragdoll cat breed. These cats are more beautiful and royal than all the other cats. You must have seen a Ragdoll at some point and thought of buying it, but the question of ragdoll cat price in India must have come to your mind. The answer to which you will get further. Ragdoll is the best feline among longhair cats because of its beauty and less grooming needs.

Ragdoll cat price in India

Due to its beautiful appearance, the price of Ragdoll cat can be a bit expensive. The average price of an adult ragdoll cat breed can range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 (300$ to 600$ ). These prices depend on many factors such as ragdoll cat size, color, age, and gender. Their luxurious coat and loyal nature make them an excellent pet that justifies their price.

ragdoll cat kitten price in India

The ragdoll kitten looks like a puppy because of its fluffy coat and round big face. These are also easy to handle. ragdoll kitten price starts at around INR 30,000. The price of a female ragdoll kitten is lower than the price of a male ragdoll kitten.

ragdoll cat characteristics

Ragdoll cat

The ragdoll cat size is larger than the rest of the cat family in Akkar. Its nature is obedient, affectionate, and loyal. Most cats are very moody but Ragdolls are considered similar to dogs because of their loyal nature. It revolves around your owner the whole day. She likes to cuddle even during bedtime. She roams around the house very relaxed and chill. Due to its social and friendly nature, it often produces loud noises to get your attention.

  • lifespan: 14 – 17 years
  • Origin: California

Ragdoll cat price in Indian cities

Ragdoll cat price also depends on which city you are buying it from. There may be some variation in its price in different cities of India.

disclaimer: This is the average price, its price can be less or more depending on the color, age, and gender. The price of rare Ragdoll cats can be more
  • These are the main types in their coat patterns.
  1. Bicolor
  2. Colorpoint
  3. Van
  4. Mitted

ragdoll cat colors


Ragdoll cat size

Talking about Ragdoll cat size, the height of an adult Ragdoll is 8 inches to 12 inches (20 – 30 cm) and its body length is 18 inches to 21 inches (45 – 50 cm). A full-sized female Ragdoll weighs 3.5 – 6.5 kg (8-15 lbs) while males are slightly heavier. An adult male Ragdoll weighs 5-8 kg (12-20 lbs).

ragdoll cat black

Yes, the black Ragdoll cat also exists. Its dark black color and large body make it a royal cat. However many cat associations do not consider black and other solid colors as legitimate. This is why black Ragdolls are not seen in competitions. It is not that it originated from crossbreeding. These ragdolls have been around since the early 1960s.

black ragdoll cat

Ragdoll black cat is also considered rare, hence its price is also high, it is likely to be from INR 40,000 to INR 65,000. Along with this, gray ragdoll cat and brown ragdoll cat is considered extremely rare and the price can be even higher.

Brown ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cat maintenance

Maintenance of Ragdolls is a little easier than for Persian and Himalayan cats because they do not have a dense and thick undercoat like Himalayans. Their fur is soft and silky, so brushing once or twice a week is sufficient for them. The most important thing to take care of in longhaired cats is their grooming and brushing. Ragdoll kittens are not born with long fur. From birth till the age of 4 years, their coat does not become long and dense, after 4 years their fur grows full length and then their coat gets full volume.
This is why I told you in the beginning that this cat has fewer grooming requirements in the category of longhair cats.

  • Kittens should be inculcated with the habit of brushing from an early age so that they can enjoy the process of brushing when they grow up.
  • Comb and brush with soft bristles should be used. Do not use stainless steel brushes as they may scratch your cat’s skin.

Ragdolls should be given only high-quality food that has good calories as well as essential amino acids and nutrition. During their growing age, they need more calories for the first 1 year, so try to feed them a little more, for this, in addition to their food, you can feed them more. you can offer canned food or dry pellets.

Along with eating extra food, it is also very important to pay attention to exercise. You can use balls to encourage them to play for at least 30 minutes a day. They like balls very much. With this, you will be able to engage them and they will not become obese.

Ragdoll cat behavior

  • This is a calm and relaxed cat. When she is happy and relaxed she rolls on her back with her belly facing upwards.
  • If your cat is very vocal, there are two main reasons for this: Ragdolls need your attention or they are in some painful conditions. In such a case, you should take them to a veterinarian.
  • When she is comfortable, she will come to you, rub her body on your legs, and make eye contact.
  • When it is fluent, she will come to you, rub her body on your legs, and make eye contact with you.
  • Whenever your Ragdoll makes eye contact, you should blink slowly talk in a low voice, and call its name in a low voice, which will increase its trust in you.
  • Its nature is friendly due to which it quickly becomes friendly with new places and new people. Due to this characteristic of theirs, there is also a risk of stolen.
  • If fleas, skin patches, and ticks are seen during grooming, appropriate treatment should be given.
    A soft bristle brush should be used on Ragdoll kittens as this will not harm their delicate skin and will also develop a grooming habit in them.
  • There are more tangles on the belly and legs, so start brushing from there.

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