Can Black Ragdoll Cat Exist? Controversies, price, Characteristics, and Care tips

Can ragdoll cats be black? This question is very controversial whether black ragdoll cats exist. We believe that ragdoll cats do exist in black. This is confirmed by many cat breeders. But still, black ragdolls are not allowed to participate in cat shows and competitions. The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) does not count solid and black colors as ragdoll cats.

History and Origin of ragdoll cat black

ragdoll cat black

A California breeder named Baker produced the black Ragdoll through cross-breeding in the 1960s. Baker bred a white female long-haired cat with stray cats. The name of that female cat was Josephine. Later, a female kitten of Josephine was bred with a Birman male named Daddy Warbucks, whose next generation is known as Ragdoll today. Those who have pointed ears, dark eyes and paws, and beautiful blue eyes

Black Ragdoll cat lifespan

black ragdoll cats with blue eyes fascinate everyone with their royal black color. Ragdolls do not mature until they are 4 years old. The life expectancy of a black Ragdoll is about 10 to 15 years. Regular health checkups, a healthy diet, proper grooming, and a healthy environment give it a good lifespan.

black ragdoll cat characteristics

  • Height: 25 – 28 Cm
  • Weight: 18-20 Pound ( 7-9 KG )
  • Temperature: Friendly, calm and gentle
  • Color: Black and tuxedo

Health issues in Ragdoll Cat black

black ragdool cat

Since Longhaired cats are one of the species, they also suffer from some common health issues and life-threatening diseases.

  1. Problems with teeth alignment: In this condition, cats are not able to chew their food properly due to a lack of alignment of their teeth. You can give them liquid and jelly food which will not require much chewing and will also be easily digested.
  2. Obesity: As we said earlier, Ragdolls grow up to the age of 4 years and they need more calories and nutrition. But along with giving food, their exercise should also be taken care of so that they do not become overweight. An overweight cat has to face problems like joint pain.
  3. Joint Problems: Although cats are very flexible, they suffer from severe pain due to dislocation in their shoulders, knees, and hips. The main reason for this can also be obesity.
  4. Breathing Problems: Ragdolls have longer noses than Himalayan cats but they are also susceptible to breathing problems. There is no doubt that they have less breathing problems than Persian and Himalayan cats. The main symptoms are wheezing, choking, and nasal congestion.
    But sometimes these symptoms are also seen due to hairballs. But if these symptoms keep appearing continuously, visit your veterinarian.

other Ragdoll black cat

Tuxedo Cat

Black and White Ragdoll Cat is also known as Tuxedo Cat. This cat, made from ragdoll cat black and white, is not officially recognized as a Ragdoll breed. But many breeders consider the Tuxedo cat to be a Ragdoll. The White Black Tuxedo has a dark black body. Their belly area and the area below the chin are white. They have pointed body markings like a typical Ragdoll but the difference is that the pointed parts of their body such as paws and face area are white.

Some points before Buying a Black Ragdoll Cat

 ragdoll cat black and white

Proper Paperwork: As I have mentioned earlier the black Ragdoll has not yet received any recognition from the CFA ( Cat Fanciers’ Association), so no breeder is able to provide its proper documents. If you want to keep a black Ragdoll as a pet because of its beautiful black color, then you should buy it after checking the history and credibility of the breeder. But if you are thinking of taking it to a competition, then let me tell you that black cats cannot participate in cat shows and competitions according to CFA and TICA.

Health-related parameters: Just like buying a normal Pointer Ragdoll, keep these important questions in mind before buying a black Ragdoll

  • Did the patients have any dangerous disease?
  • Did vaccination happen? If yes, then when did the first vaccination take place?
  • what is the date of birth of the Black Ragdoll cat kitten?

Be prepared yourself: Ragdolls are very active and playful cats. They are quite affectionate and love to play. You have to give them attention. This is not just for Ragdolls, every type of pet needs attention. You will have to take some time from your busy life for them. You have to keep this in mind before buying or adopting a black ragdoll.

Selection of breeder: Selecting a good breeder is an important step. Find a good breeder in your area. If you are ordering a black Ragdoll cat from a far-off city, then first request photos and videos. You can go and bring it yourself. If this is not possible, then inquire well about transportation from the breeder so that your cat reaches you comfortably on the way.

ragdoll black cat

Black ragdoll cat price

Ragdoll black cats are considered to be very rare. Hence their availability is less, due to which the price of a black ragdoll cat is higher than that of a normal ragdoll. It can range from around INR 30,000 to 60,000.

Tips for care of a ragdoll cat black

  • Kittens should be taught to brush with a soft bristle brush from an early age. Please do not use a brush with stainless steel bristles on it like you do with longhaired cats.
  • Spend playful time with them to avoid boredom. Give them engaging cat toys.
  • Remove poisonous plants before bringing them into the house.
  • Prepare your home by removing sharp objects, opening electric boards and wires
  • Keep breakable glass items out of reach of kittens. And let them roam freely in the house

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