Himalayan Cat vs Persian Cat Difference based on Characteristics and Care (With Picture)

Genetically, Himalayan cats and Persian cats have a very close relationship. It can also be said that the Himalayan cat is a sub-breed of a Persian cat. I will tell you the Himalayan cat Vs Persian cat difference based on appearance, color, and nature. In some countries, the Himalayan is also called the Colorpoint Longhair cat and in some countries, it is also called the Pointed Persian cat.

In the 1950s Hemmie was recognized as a new specific cat breed. GC, BW, NW Lord Byron was the first Seal Point male Himalayan to win the award of 9th Best Cat of the Show season in 1972-1973.
If you also want to get a beautiful feline but are confused between a Persian vs Himalayan cat.

If you also want to get a beautiful feline but are confused about the difference between Persian and Himalayan cat and which breed will be right for you, then I will share all the details about both cats, which will help you in deciding which cat you should get.

difference between Himalayan cat and Persian

Himalayan cat Vs Persian cat difference

Persian cat VS Himalayan cat personality

Himalayan cat

Himalayan cat

The Himalayan is a bread resulting from cross-breeding by breeders and researchers at Harvard University in the United States. This is a very calm and affectionate cat that requires a lot of attention. These lovable and playful felines are very emotional and familiar. it is a very popular pet breed all over the world.

Himalayan cat personality and characteristics

it is very calm but she likes to play a lot. it often runs from one place to another in the house like a kitten and sits in a high place. Their nature is very friendly and adapts to the home environment very quickly. If you have small children in your house, then you can surely make a Himalayan cat a member of your house because it is very friendly with children. They like to be clean, so they also look for a clean place to sit, like they would like to sit on your bed or your couch. they will show you their love and affection by sitting in your lap.

Himalayan cat intelligence

This is a brilliant breed, hence it is comparatively easy to train them. Like us humans, they do not have any modern device to see the time, yet they keep their time well, and many times they also remind you of your meals when you forget. My Himalayan Cat comes to me at 7 a.m. for the day’s first meal. I also wonder how it knows the time as soon as it strikes 7.

Himalayan Cat Care

Due to having a flat face, they need more care, special attention has to be paid to their food and they need special care to avoid health issues. Their long fur also needs more care. Due to being long-haired, the Himalayan cat has many health problems like PKD, hairballs, and respiratory problems, hence you should keep the symptoms of these diseases in mind and get regular checkups done.

Grooming of Himalayan cat

Their Dense and long fur requires daily brushing. it is a high-maintenance cat due to its grooming. Their skin is quite delicate, due to which a lot of attention is needed during trimming in the Himalayan cat grooming process.

They need grooming since childhood and it is also important that they should develop the habit of brushing and bathing from an early age so that they do not have to struggle much when they grow up.

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How do I tell if my cat is a Himalayan?

Himalayan cat

It is quite easy to recognize the Himalayan. It can be identified by its physical appearance, whose long shiny coat and pointed color are its identity. It is mostly white and fawn, its face, ears, legs, and tail are dark in color and it has a large and round-shaped head. The tips of its small and short ears are also rounded, the shape of the tail is small and bushy, and deep blue eyes are also its identity.

Persian Cat

White persian cat

It belonged to Persia which we know today as Iran. It belongs to Persia, which we know today as Iran. This breed is popular all over the world because of its beauty and playful nature. These cats were kept in the royal families of Persia, which they called Longhaired Cats.

After the end of World War II, traditional Persian cats were crossbreeded, resulting in the modern Persian cat. Modern Persians were more flat-faced. It was further developed into other subcategories Punch Face, Semi Punch, and Extreme Punch Face.

Persian Cat Characteristics

it is a very calm, gentle, and affectionate breed. Because of its easygoing nature, it is a good indoor cat. You can easily recognize them by their big eyes, short muzzle,s, and round faces. They come in many colors and the range of shades of their eyes is also very wide.

This is considered to be the best cat breed in the United States to keep in apartments. They are very friendly but they do not like rough handling at all, especially children, care should be taken to handle them gently. Persians are very good companies, even if their faces seem a bit grumpy.

They are very good at self-grooming and self-entertainment, so they can be left alone at home for a short period It would not be right to leave it alone in a new place. It feels more comfortable and safe in its own space and its own home.

They also enjoy the company of other pets in the house, you just have to introduce them well to your gentle dog and other pets.

white persian cat

Persian cat care

Keeping in mind the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of Persian cat care becomes easier. To keep your cat mentally and physically active, you need to spend time with them. For example, you can engage Persians with laser lights. They like to play with balls and you can use other cat toys to keep your cat happy.

Persian cat Grooming

Daily brushing is a basic requirement of Persian grooming. These cats do shred, and removing their dead hair from the fur is very important to avoid matted hair and hairballs. Tangles and HairBalls can be quite painful for your cat.

During grooming, do not forget to clean the ears and dirt stains on the eyes with a wet cloth. Clean their teeth with cat toothpaste.

Himalayan cat vs Persian cat price

Himalayan Cat Price30,000 Rs To 55,0000 Rs
Persian Cat Price15000 Rs To 30,000 Rs

The price of males of both breeds is higher than that of females. This is only an average price. This price can be higher or lower considering various parameters. Also Read. Himalayan cat price and rare color

Which cat breed is less aggressive?

Both Breeds are sweet and Calm. Persians become friendly with children and other pets very quickly. Himalayans do not like loud noise. This is why the Himalayas are not easily comfortable for small children.

Himalayan cat vs Persian size

There is not much difference in the size of both. Due to the longer coat of the Himalayan, it may look larger in appearance, but even if we look at its weight, there will not be much difference between the two breeds.

How do I know if my cat is Persian or Himalayan?

Both cats are known for their fluffy coats. Their long shiny fur makes them royal pets. Their behavior is also similar. You can do many simple things to find out whether your cat is Persian or Himalayan.

Persian cat: Persian cats are available in almost all colors. It is slightly smaller than the Himalayan in weight and size. Different colored eyes can be seen in Persians

Himalayan: It is white or phone colored and has a pointed body. Himalayan is known for its blue eyes.


If you are confused about these two cats, then after reading this article, I hope you would have got the answers to your questions. Here we are not discussing the difference between Persian and Himalayan cat, both are very affectionate and gentle. You can adopt or buy any of these two cats. Both will prove to be good companions

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