Himalayan Cat Kitten Price 2024 | Most popular colors and care tips

The Himalayan cat kitten is a cute pointed fur ball. You will be fascinated by looking at it and will not hesitate at all to make it your pet. Its flat face and wobbly gait compel you to cuddle with it.

What 2 breeds make a Himalayan cat?

In the 1930s, two longhaired cats, the Persian cat and the Siamese, were bred by careful breeding at Harvard University in the United States. In 1955, the kittens produced by crossbreeding between the two were known as the Longhair color-pointed out by the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy). This was later known as the Himalayan cat, which evolved the characteristics of the Persian cat such as long hair flat face, and the color point of the Siamese.

Himalayan cat kitten price

The average Himalayan cat price in Indian rupees ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 but keep in mind that the price depends on many factors such as the age, gender, and health of the Himalayan cat kitten. The breeder and catteries also influence the price and may vary from city to city.

Himalayan kitten prices in different cities in India

Himalayan cat kittenprice
Himalayan cat kitten price in Delhi 25000 – 35000 Rs
Himalayan cat kitten price in Bangalore25000 – 35000 Rs
Himalayan cat kitten price in Mumbai25000 – 35000 Rs
Himalayan cat kitten price in Chennai25000 – 35000 Rs
Himalayan cat kitten price in Ludhiana25000 – 35000 Rs
Himalayan cat kitten price in Kerela25000 – 35000 Rs
Himalayan cat kitten price in Kolkata25000 – 35000 Rs

How can I tell if my kitten is a Himalayan?

Belonging to the Persian and Siamese cat families, it has characteristics of both. Himalayan cat kittens can be identified by their large round blue markings as all Himalayans have vivid and deep blue eyes. Apart from this, they can be identified by their silky long cream or warm colored fur with dark pointed parts such as ears, paws, nose, and tail. They can also be identified by their flat pointed face and short muzzles. The pointed markings on the body of Himalayan kittens are light and get darker as they grow older.

Blue Point Himalayan kitten

blue point himalayan kitten

Himalayan Kitten Blue Point is closest to its parent breed, a Siamese cat. They have large grey/blue pointed markings on their paws, faces, tails, and ears. Their beautiful blue eyes enhance their beauty. Their fur is white in a cold tone. Their color keeps getting darker with age and they have light silver-grey pointed markings on their face. The blue point Himalayan cat price in Indian rupees can be 30,000 – 40,000.

seal point Himalayan kitten

seal point himalayan kitten

The color of the seal point is that of a Himalayan kitten, which is warm. The rest of the body is lighter than the face. Their face resembles a dark brown seal, so they are named Seal Point Himalayan. In childhood, their pointed markings are quite light and plain. Seal point Himalayan kitten price in India is 25000 to 35000. The price of males can be higher than that of female kittens.

flame point Himalayan kitten

flame point himalayan kitten

There is no doubt that all Himalayas are very cute. But Flame Point Himalayan kitten is special. The reddish brown light vibrant color of their face attracts everyone’s attention. The same bright vibrant color is visible on their ears which becomes dark when they become adults. If we talk about the price of Flame Point Himalayan kitten, then its total cost can be from 30000 to 35000 which is affected by many factors.

black Himalayan kitten

black himalayan kitten

Not all solid colors have been given the status of Himalayan breed by many cat associations. You may not have seen a completely black Himalayan cat, there are 20 different color patterns in it which are known as their pointed markings. But even today many catteries and breeders consider solid black color in the category of Himalayan cat and also sell it. Black Himalayan kitten price is higher as it is rare, it can be around Rs 25000 to Rs 50000.

gray Himalayan kitten

grey himalayan kitten

Gray Himalayan kitten has a wide range of colors such as blue, lilac, chocolate, flame (red), brown, tortoiseshell, golden, silver, and black. Gray Himalayan kitten is one of the solid colors. Solid colors do not have pointed markings and their entire body can be light or dark gray. Gray Himalayan cats cannot participate in shows, but due to their beauty, they can be found for 25000 to 40000 rupees.

Himalayan kitten care

Himalayan kittens require more grooming than a street cat or a short-haired cat. Their fluffy fur gets tangled easily which can be very painful for them. Daily grooming of Himalayan kittens makes them high-maintenance cats. Their friendly nature requires a lot of attention.

Some important tips for the care of Himalayan cats

  • Ensure you buy a Himalayan kitten from a genuine breeder and inquire whether the kitten’s parents had any health problems.
  • The kitten must be at least 45 days old at the time of purchase or adoption
  • Before bringing a Himalayan kitten to your home, remove any poisonous plants or insect-killing chemicals from your home.
  • Make sure your kitten is properly vaccinated.
  • Himalayans are very calm cats and get familiar with other cats but small kittens need to be introduced to dogs very carefully at first
  • The teeth of Himalayan kittens are delicate in childhood, so wet food is the best option for them. They will not have any problem chewing it and it will be easy to digest as well.
  • Do not give cow milk or any dairy product to kittens as it can upset their stomach
  • Wherever you make the bed for the kitten, ensure it has a pleasant temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Brush and groom your pet with a cotton ball every day. Their skin is very delicate, so use a brush with soft bristles
  • Do not pick up the kitten too much. Let them explore the whole house so that they can adapt to the new environment.
  • If you wish to keep your Himalayan kitten indoors, it is important to train it to a litter box.
  • Following the proper bathing process, you can bathe them after they turn 3 months old.
  • You can bathe your kitty twice a month and clean their ears once a week to protect them from ear mites and infections.
  • Due to having a flat face, water stains remain near the eyes it is very important to clean once every two days

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