Read This Before Bringing Home a Persian Kitten: Expert Tips You Can’t Miss!

If you have decided to bring a Persian kitten to your home, then first of all, prepare your home for a new Persian kitten. You may have to make many changes in your home so that your cute kitty can get a healthy and comfortable environment. It is also going to be a member of your house, so the responsibility for its safety and care is yours.

Some important points to keep in mind before bringing home a Persian kitten

white and black persian kitten
  • Remove all toxic plants kept in the house or garden
  • Keep chemicals that kill mice and rats out of reach of kittens
  • Cover live electrical wires and any exposed electric boards should be 3 feet above the ground
  • Cats are territorial animals, so introduce a new Persian kitten to other cats carefully, especially if it is an adult male
  • Persians are cats with long and dense fur whose fluffy fur requires daily grooming with proper tools
  • Food and clean water will have to be arranged. Wet food will be suitable for their digestive system and teeth.
  • Use a litter box to avoid dirt in the house. The size of the litter box should be large so that the Persian kitten can go in it comfortably and also get space to dig.
  • Before purchasing a Persian kitten, complete its deworming and vaccination.
  • It can be a little difficult to identify the gender of a Persian kitten at a young age, so confirm the gender when purchasing from a breeder

Where should a kitten sleep the first night?

sleeping cat

For the first few days, the kitten may have some difficulty adjusting to the new environment. It would not be right to make the kitten sleep alone for the first few nights as it will make noise due to loneliness and boredom. For a few days after bringing them home, you can make them sleep in your bed or you can put their bed near your bed so that they feel cozy and can sleep well.

Persian cat calming techniques

Training cats can be more difficult than dogs. But the right technique can help a lot in training them as well. Often when kittens are small, we play with them with our hands, which they hold and bite softly. But as they grow up, their claws and nails become bigger and sharper, which can hurt you very easily. When they start biting and scratching your hand while playing with it, you should not show immediate aggression while doing so.

You have to remain calm and not pay any attention to them for some time. This technique is called negative reinforcement, which the cat takes as punishment. Aggression and hitting will create a fear in their mind forever and they will never be able to be friendly with you.

Training a Persian cat to use a scratching post

white persian kitten

Scratching plays a big role in the lives of cats. It releases their stress. They also mark their territory by scratching and also do this to clean and trim their nails. If scratching posts are not available for indoor cats, they can scratch and damage the furniture in your house. it also uses a scratching post to stretch her muscular shoulders. it likes to stretch as soon as it wakes up in the morning.

Some important things to consider before buying scratching equipment

  • A vertical scratching post is more appropriate so that the cat can stretch its body easily.
  • Scratching posts with a sitting platform attached to the pole are more efficient and they also enjoy climbing and sitting on it.
  • Small toys hanging from a vertical scratching post will grab kittens’ attention.

Cost of spaying/neutering a Persian cat

persian cat spaying

You have a huge responsibility to your Persian cat for their health and safety and the best thing you can do for them is spay/neuter them. Spaying/neutering is the surgical procedure to remove the ovaries or uterus in Persian females. Neutering is the surgical procedure to remove the testicles in males.

In India, the cost of neutering and spaying depends on many factors such as the age of the cat, and its weight, and it also depends on the individual clinic.

The cost of neutering/spaying Persian cats can range from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 for female cats. For Males, it can range from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000.

In females, the surgery requires more time and care as the procedure involves making a cut in their tummy and removing the uterus without damaging the internal organs. For this, the cats need to be given a certain amount of anesthesia.
In males, the surgery is simpler than in female cats as their testicles are removed.

Socializing a Persian kitten with other cats

Cats are territorial animals, which is why they often become aggressive about their territory. However, Persians adjust easily to other pets due to their calm and friendly nature. Their sociable quality makes them friendly with dogs as well. An adult cat may find it a little difficult to socialize with another adult cat, but by introducing them to the right process, they gradually become friendly.

cat playing with dog
  • Introduce the two from a distance. Do not bring them close to each other in the beginning
  • When introducing two cats to each other, place the more aggressive cat in a fiber cage to prevent them from harming each other
  • Treats are a good option to introduce both

Are Persian cats good for first-time owners?

Persian cats are gentle and calm. Their soft voice and friendly nature make them a good pet. However, Persians need a lot of attention and will demand to be played with. Their dense coat increases their grooming requirements. Persians need daily brushing, lack of which can lead to tangling of hair which can be very painful for your cat. If you can take care of these factors, then Persians can be a great companion for you.

If you are short on time, then instead of Persians, Ragdoll cats can be a good option for you. They have fewer grooming requirements and are more independent.

How to tell if your Persian cat is overweight?

The average weight of a healthy adult Persian cat is 5-6 kg. If you gently touch its chest area and cannot feel the ribs, it means your Persian is overweight. Some other symptoms of being overweight are:

  • Fatigue
  • Less active
  • Extremely rounded stomach
  • Layers of fat
  • Shortness of breath

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