Persian Cat Grooming: Pro Tips for Flawless Fur

There is no doubt that Persian cats have won millions of hearts. Persians come in the top categories among the most popular pets in the world. There is no doubt that the Persian cat has won millions of hearts. Persians come in the top categories among the most popular pets in the world. Persian cat grooming is an important aspect of maintaining such a beautiful creature.

How to Groom a Persian Cat Like a Pro

If you care about your Persian’s fluffy fur, these are our top tips for professional Persian cat grooming their coat.

1. Care for fluffy Paws

Cats’ paws are very adorable body parts. Whenever I look at my Persian’s paws, the word ‘wow’ comes out of my mouth. But at the same time, it becomes equally important to take care of it.

Cat nail clipper

Proper nail clippers for their claws: Cats’ claws are more curved, so cutting their nails with a regular human nail cutter can be painful for them and spoil their nails’ shape.

Remember that while cutting the nails, cut only the white part of the nail and do not cut the pink part because cats have nerves there which can cause bleeding if cut.

how to cut persian cat nail

Paw’s care: Their paws are very delicate and have 18 digits (fingers), the front two paws have 5 digits each and the back paws have 4 digits each. The rough and dry layer in their claws can be moisturized by using cat pass butter. You can also use coconut oil which is a natural method for moisturizing. The long fur of Persians also grows on their paws, which require timely trimming.

  • Keep in mind to trim only the lower part of the paws.
  • Use the proper Persian cat grooming tools

What can I use to moisturize my cat’s paws?

Their paws become dull and cracked, hence it becomes necessary to moisturize the lower part of their paws. You can use commercial powder massager but a good and cheap alternative is coconut oil and olive oil. This oil is edible, so even if your cat licks it, it will not cause any harm.

persian cat paws care

2. Get rid of matted hair

The most important part of Persian cat grooming is the health of their fur. Their fur gets a little greasy, to keep it smooth and silky you can use de-grease powders which are easily available in pet stores.
In unneutered Persian males, the release of Hormones causes the glands to produce more oil, causing their tails to become extremely greasy. Use powder on it and comb the tail.

During shedding, dead hairs of Persians remain entangled in their fur. The fine steel bristles of the slicker brush penetrate deep into their coat to help remove those dead hairs.

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Brushing or comb

Brushing plays a vital role in the maintenance of a Persian cat. Before bringing a Persian home, you should know that daily brushing is necessary for this cat.

Step 1: Instead of a brush, start combing gently from the back with a wide-toothed comb. Using the Persian cat grooming brush directly on the fur will cause the bristles to get stuck in the matted hair, which will be very painful for your cat and she will never be comfortable brushing.

  • Wide toothed-comb makes it easier to detangle matted hair. Carefully comb the armpit and belly areas as this is where most of the matting occurs.

Step 2: If you find tangles, do not brush them, apply two-way strokes with the comb. Still, if mats remain intact, then a mat splitter is a simple tool that has a blade with which the tangles can be removed.

persian cat tangled hair

Step 3: Brushing the face and neck towards the direction of their facial hairs. Brush carefully near the eyes. Do not use a comb or brush on the nose. Use only a comb made of stainless steel. The static charge generated by combs made of plastic or nylon can shock your cat.

Step 4: Brush thoroughly with light strokes. After 5-6 strokes, check the brush and remove the layer of hair stuck in its bristles. Repeat this process again and again until there is no hair left on the brush.

  • Clean the ears with Cat’s Ear Solution which will remove air mites and bacteria.

3. Persian cat bathing

Only Brushing is not enough for Persian cat grooming. It is also necessary to bathe them 2 to 3 times a month. During the shedding period, it becomes necessary to bathe them regularly so that they can avoid matted hair.

1. Wet the tail first with lukewarm water. Wet the fur back slowly. Keep in mind that never pour water directly on the face, this may panic your cat and you will have to struggle a lot to bathe it.

2. Use a specific shampoo made for the Persian’s long fur. dilute in 100-200 ml of water, then apply it on the back of the Persian and rub it gently and once the leader is formed, massage it gently into the roots of the fur.

  • In this process, your cat may not be comfortable initially and may bite you or may even get bitten by the nails, but you do not need to panic, and neither do you need to get angry. You have to call your cat’s name in a calm voice. You can scratch its neck and head to make it comfortable.

3. Shampoo should not be poured on the face. Due to this, water can get into their eyes and ears. Clean the face with a wet cloth.

4. It is necessary to clean the secretions collected near the eyes with a wet cloth. Otherwise, their vision gets affected.

persian cat eyes care

5. Fill a tub with lukewarm water and stand your Persian in it so that the shampoo comes out of his fur thoroughly. When the fur starts floating in the water, it means that the shampoo has gone out of the fur.
Dry the fur with a towel. Normal towels do not absorb water well, use a Shammy towel which absorbs almost 90% of the water.

6. Persian cats hate loud noises, so before using a blow dryer, tie it with a leash or use a pet bucket until your cat can adapt to the dryer.

7. Do brush along with the dryer. Once the hair is completely dry and free of tangles, use a spray conditioner to keep the fur smooth and silky fur.

8. To avoid bacteria and infection, trim the hair near the anus with a trimmer. Do it with the right tools, don’t do it with scissors, this can hurt your Persian.

Persian cat grooming lion cut

persian cat lion cut

Some people may have a question in their mind, Is lion cut good for cats? So the answer is yes. But the skin of Persian is very delicate, special care has to be taken in trimming the armpit and abdominal area. The person giving a lion cut to a Persian should be experienced. Persians are Brachycephalic which means flat face. Due to the shape of their faces, they may suffer from respiratory problems and overheating problems, especially in summer.

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